#48 Should you consider outsourcing cold approaching?

If you are an IP professional, you know that the most important resource you have is time. You always have to consider alternative costs: Is it worth my time contacting new prospects via phone, email or social media channels? Is the ROI of the alternative option enough to justify abandoning your billable work for a period of time?

It is obvious that the warmer the prospect, the more you should be willing to invest in courting them as establishing trust is extremely important in order to convert the prospect into a client. Same goes with your existing clients as maintaining the relationship is key in landing more work from them.

But how about the cold prospects that have little to no idea of your service and solutions? Is it worth it? There are a couple of things to consider. First, how much is your time worth? The more you can bill per hour, the more protective you should be of your time and more willing to outsource the other work.

Second thing to consider is, what is your skill level in sales and marketing. If it is difficult for you to generate leads and meetings from cold prospects, you might want to consider hiring a professional who has the skills, strategy and training for lead generation.

Finally, in the legal and IP field, outsourcing of cold contacting is not without problems. The main reason is that usually the service providers have no knowledge of complex legal instruments and how they may fit to the situation of the prospects.

IPR Leads is widening the service portfolio and in the future we might be tackling this issue. Feel free to contact us at petteri@iprleads.com for more info!

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