#47 Incorporating storytelling to your marketing and communication

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Stories are a great ingredient for your marketing, selling, branding and communication overall. The reason for this is that stories are relatable. The listener or reader can put themselves inside of the story and live the experience through your words.

The greatest brands of the world do not only have great products, they tell a story. For example, Nike, sells great shoes and accessories. But their marketing is based on honoring great athletes and sport stories. The shoes are rarely the main thing in any of their commercials and you will never see a list of features and benefits of their new line of shoes.

So instead of just listing the features and benefits of your service, why wouldn’t you tell your prospect what kind of journey your previous clients have had as a result of being your customer. You could tell them, what made you choose your career path or what makes you passionate about what you do. This way you can better connect with your prospects.

Of course, this is not only limited to client acquisition. Storytelling is an amazing asset in any situation in which you are communicating with people, whether you are having a presentation or just hanging out with your friends.

I want to recommend a great book on the subject: Simon Sinek: Start with Why?

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