#49 Content marketing in the field of IP

How do you make sure that when your potential clients need help, you are the first professional to come into their mind? Obviously, the answer is increasing the awareness of your service. As people are spending more and more time online, you should provide relevant content to your audience constantly in order to stay on top of their mind.

In the legal and IP fields there seems to be two different approaches when it comes to content marketing. The traditional approach, which is still used by most of the players, is to talk about their track-record, legal articles and industry awards.

Many times, the content starts with the title “IP/Law Firm X advised company Y in matter Z.” followed by the text body describing what happened in the case. In terms of increasing the awareness, there is nothing wrong with that approach. But let’s see what this traditional way of doing is missing.

Believed or not, the clients and prospects usually do not care about you or your company. They care about THEIR company and THEIR legal problems. What might feel relevant from your point of view is not necessarily of interest to your prospects.

Addressing the problems of your clients and prospects in the content you share on your website or social media channels is a much better way to raise awareness and trigger interest in your service than just listing your accomplishments. Here are some of the ways in order to make a shift from old to new.

Instead of writing very complex legal articles that your clients cannot understand, provide practical advice that they can implement easily into their business. Instead of just describing a legal case, tell a story from the point of view of your client and tell what they have accomplished as a result of becoming your client. And finally, instead of just announcing your industry awards, tell your prospects what this MEANS for THEM.

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