#46 Skills that make you a good IP lawyer, do not necessarily help you in business development

Being a good IP lawyer is one thing. Being a good sales person is other. If you can combine these two, you are well off as you can generate business opportunities and you have the expertise to handle the IP matters of your client. Let’s explore some of the most important skills and traits that are required to be a great IP professional and why these do not guarantee business development success.

IP professionals manage risk on very important issues. Whether it is drafting of a patent application or defining the strategy for an upcoming litigation, there is no room for mistakes. Every single detail must be on spot as otherwise the outcome can be disastrous. In other words, you cannot fail.

When you are marketing and selling your services, you have to fail. There are too many uncertainties at play that you are not going to close every lead and prospect. More likely you are going to face a lot of rejections and radio-silence. Having said that, in order to succeed you have to make many offers to the marketplace that are not “perfect”, rather “good enough”. Volume of your approaches is one key to continuous success in client acquisition.

IP professionals are analytical to the extreme. Everything has to be in the perfect order and based on logic. You cannot fool court judges with emotional arguments. Your mobility is restricted to coherent and literal analysis of the law.

Buying decisions, on the other hand, are always based on emotions and then afterwards justified with logic. It doesn’t matter whether you are a consumer or a company CEO. In order to succeed in sales, you have to have your facts right but also you have to be able to paint the picture in your prospects mind how it will be working with you.

IP professionals like professional language and nuances in their work. When communicating with themselves, they like detailed and intellectual discussions that only they can understand.

The prospects do not understand that kind of language in most of the cases. The ability to translate IP into business language in a way that the prospect understands what they are committing to is important.

Realizing that the skill set to succeed in business development is completely different from IP law is the first step when you start improving your business development results.

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