#42 Approach Volume x Quality Sales Strategy

There are two factors to play when you are selling your IP service to your prospects. Those are volume and quality. The more sales opportunities you can generate, the better the results you will get. On the other hand, you want to have a solid sales strategy when you are discussing with your prospects. When you multiply these two factors, you get your results.

When it comes to IP professionals, the problem I see is to not approaching enough prospects. I think that is primarily a mindset thing. You need a totally different state of mind when you are approaching prospects versus when you are doing substance work with IP. When you are approaching prospects, you are going to be rejected but when you are actually doing the work, you cannot afford to make mistakes.

Having approach targets is very crucial. You may for example set yourself a weekly target of approaching ten new prospects every week. Having accountability on your targets is important as your willpower is usually not as strong as the environment you are in. Stating your goals and targets out loud gives you external pressure in addition your own internal pressure to succeed.

Having enough opportunities is one thing. The second thing is to actually convert the sales situations to client accounts. What should happen in any sales situation is the following. You should identify where your prospect is now and then you should figure out where they want to be. Then if, and only if, you think that you can help your prospect to get to their desired situation, you should place your IP service as a bridge between the current situation and the desired situation of the prospect. After all, you are not selling your IP service, you are selling the future that can be achieved with your IP service.

Sales call should always about your prospect and their problems. That is why you should let the prospect to talk first before you talk about your service as you cannot know what exact problem you are solving. What you think is important for the prospect, in reality, might not be important at all.

Having a decent approach volume with quality sales strategy is the thing to get you results.

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