​# 43 Know you clients’ business

As the clients have become more and more demanding regarding their legal and intellectual property services, a reasonable question is how to differentiate yourself in the competition. Learning and familiarizing yourself with the businesses and industries of your clients is one such way.

You shouldn’t just robotically perform the legal and IP related tasks that are assigned to you by your client. That is the default. Your differentiating factor can be the added value you deliver by superior knowledge of the business of your client. Strategic advice on how to use intellectual property as a business asset is very valuable for any client.

If your client is practicing in a certain industry in which you are connected, you might want to leverage your connection network to bring in more to the table. Your clients are rarely looking for legal or intellectual property services, rather, they are looking for ways to advance their business. That might include industry insights or connections with different types of people, for example.

When you know the business of your client by heart, you will be able to identify new legal and IP needs that would help the client in achieving their business goals. Taking the time to actually get to know to your client is a great investment for any professional service provider.

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