#41 Value-based IP service

When you go a doctor’s office, unless you are a medical expert yourself, it is very difficult for you to assess how the doctor actually did according to the standards of medical profession Later on, your conclusion usually is that the prescription worked or it didn’t work. However, as you do not have a medical training, you have no benchmarks on how to measure the quality of their work.

One thing you can measure and you will measure is the customer service, you receive from the doctor. Was the doctor on time? Was the doctor interested in you and your condition? Did the doctor explain to you what he or she was doing, in a way that you also understood that? The customer service experience heavily influences our perception of the overall quality of a service.

That is why, if you want to stand out as an IP professional, you want to deliver excellent customer experience to your clients. Excellent substance work is the default. But as we saw, if the client is not trained in law or IP, they will have hard time in assessing the quality of work. However, they will always be assessing the customer experience and that is something you can improve with a very little effort.

Here are some (obvious) ways to deliver additional value that we seem to forget.

  • Responding to your clients’ emails promptly. If this is not possible, consider installing an auto-responder to indicate that you have received the email
  • Take the time to understand the business of your client
  • Avoid jargon, you wouldn’t like your doctor talking to you with medical terms
  • Other than your legal expertise, consider what additional value can you bring to the table (niche expertise, connections, industry knowledge etc…)

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