#38 Broadcasting your marketing message to your ideal IP clients

The marketplace is extremely noisy with all types of marketing messages trying to get through and grab the attention of your potential clients. In the attention economy, you are not only competing with your direct competitors, you are also competing against every single advertiser who is trying to get the hold of your ideal customers.

When you are trying to get your message out there, there are several things you should keep in mind. First, you should try to identify your ideal client. Are they start-ups or publicly traded companies? Is the decision-maker professional purchaser of IP services or not? These are important questions because not all of your IP clients are the same, nor they have the same motivations for buying your IP service.

After identifying your ideal client, you should identify, what problem is your IP service solving for them. People and companies do not buy intellectual property services for the same reasons. A start-up entrepreneur might be after a peace of mind, whereas the IP counsel of a publicly traded company wants to look good to his or her superiors by making the best choice. You have to customize your marketing message for different audiences so that it resonates with the recipient.

Broadcasting means that your marketing message should have as wide reach as possible. To get the best reach, you should find out, where your ideal clients spend their time. What is their environment. Where is their attention at? I often hear the question, which is the best marketing platform for my IP business? There is no definite answer for the question. It depends on your prospects. If they hang out on LinkedIn, then you should try LinkedIn. If they spend most of their time looking at their email, you should approach them by email.

Overall, successful broadcasting activities have changed dramatically since David H. Maister wrote the book “Managing the Professional Service Firm.” Today, broadcasting activities have to be more targeted, client-centric and include tailored approach to be effective.

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