#37 Different phases of marketing for professional service providers by David H. Maister

Earlier in this blog, we have established the fact that it is easier to expand the existing client accounts than to acquire new clients. For some reason this is sometimes forgotten and the IP firms aim most of their marketing resources to the new potential customers. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

David H. Maister has divided the marketing activities of professional service providers into five different categories in his excellent book “Managing the Professional Service Firm”. These categories are:

  • Broadcasting
  • Courting
  • Superpleasing
  • Nurturing
  • Listening

In the following blog posts, we are going to discuss each of these marketing phases and how these can be applied to the field of IP. Here is a short summary of each activity.

Broadcasting means spreading the message of your IP service to a wider audience of potential clients. The purpose is to reach as many correct people and companies as possible. The purpose is to trigger interest and to build your brand.

In the courting phase, you have been able to identify one potential prospect among the pool of potential clients. When you are courting, your aim is to get your prospect into a sales call with you in which you can convert them into a client. 

With superpleasing, your aim is to provide such a great service that your prospect is delighted to recommend your service to their connections. Positive word-of-mouth is extremely important with professional service businesses and the purpose of superpleasing is to trigger that in your network.

Nurturing the client relationship means different ways of deepening and expanding the client relationship at hand. With nurturing you will discover new needs with your prospects and find new opportunities for selling or cross-selling your services.

Listening is essential in gathering market intelligence. The markets are changing rapidly especially in the digital era. In the end, it is the market that decides what they want and need in an IP service. You should be gathering and listening to feedback to iterate your service to match the demand.

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