#23 Persuasion principle number four: Liking

Liking is the fourth persuasion principle.

People do business with people who they know, trust and like. It is just obvious that we usually comply with requests that come from people we like. Would you rather give a loan for your long-time business partner or for a complete stranger? The choice is obvious.
People are different and they have different preferences. Not everyone in life is going to like you and you are not going to like everyone. Accepting this fact makes your life much easier.
However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t try to leave a likable impression on the people you meet including your IP clients and prospects.
Research has revealed some components of liking that contribute to influencing success.
Similarity is one component of liking. If you and your prospect have similar backgrounds, similar education and similar interests, it is more likely that you connect. Having something to talk about is prerequisite for connection and if you both are passionate, for example, about sports or fashion, that helps in building trust and the relationship.
According to research, appropriate dressing and groomed appearance have a so-called “halo-effect” on the competence of the person, which is quite fascinating. According to the halo-effect, a positive characteristic of a person dominates the way a person is viewed by others. And this is what seems to happen with appearance and clothing. So, dress up!
The great Dale Carnegie, author of the classic book “How to win Friends and Influence People” gave one extremely obvious piece of advice on liking in the said book, yet we tend to forget this habit every single day.
The piece of advice is to use the most beautiful word of each and everyone of your prospects, which is their first name. A name encapsulates everything that is you into just one word. When you use someone’s name, you always have an influential effect on the person.
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