#24 Persuasion principle number five: Social Proof

Many companies tend to talk about their accomplishments, their victories, their long history and their vision of the future and there is nothing wrong with that. Tooting your own horn from time to time is not a bad thing.

However, if someone else can confirm that what you are saying is true, it is infinitely more powerful. The principle of social proof implies that on part we decide what is correct based on what other people think is correct. That is why social proof is such a powerful tool when it comes to persuasion.
There are many forms of social proof. Still in 2019, the best form of social proof in the field of IP is the word-of-mouth. It is the public perception of you as the go-to expert which lets your prospects to come to you instead of you chasing them. This perception is heavily influenced by what your clients are saying about you.
A powerful way of using social proof in the field of IP are client testimonials. If your prospect sees that you have successfully helped a similar company or person in their intellectual property matters, it is a great indication for them of the quality of your service. If, possible, try to get as detailed testimonial as possible. Video format is the best as it allows your prospect to reflect their customer journey freely.
Case studies are an excellent way of displaying the transformation your clients have gone through. What was the situation with the trademark portfolio of your client before and how did the business evolve as a result of your service? Make a detailed journey to which your prospects can relate.
I have discussed the importance of online reviews in this blog previously. Online reviews can make it or break it for your prospect as over 80 % of people seem to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Be sure to display good recommendations and handle dissatisfied customers well.
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