#18 Basic psychology as the starting point when attracting new IP clients

In my book “Unleash the Intellectual Property Rainmaker within You”, (which is at the moment ranked as #1 New Release in Law Office Education -category in Amazon), I talk a lot about the psychology of client acquisition.

Understanding the basic psychological principles equips you to sell better, negotiate more skillfully, get more clients and pitch with more conviction. Here are the most important psychological principles that I think every IP Expert should be aware of.
Every single human decision is based on emotions and instincts. I know that a lot of you will object and say that “I only do rational decisions”. The truth is that we buy with our emotions and justify it afterwards with logic. If you don’t believe me, look at your last credit card bill and check how many of your purchases last month were objectively ABSOLUTELY crucial for your survival as a human.
We buy with emotions and instincts because every human is operating based on their inner motives. We all have dreams, goals, desires and fears. We all want that we have better life tomorrow than we have it today.
The start-up entrepreneur wants success and recognition. On the other hand, he or she is afraid of someone stealing his or her invention. The company executives responsible for making the decision for intellectual protection want to look good to their superiors so that they can advance in their careers. On the other hand, they are afraid of making the wrong decision which would destroy their hopes for the promotion.
No one objectively wants intellectual property protection. We want intellectual property protection to fulfill our fears and desires.
Understanding of psychology leads to the following conclusion. When you understand what your prospects want, you are will be better at influencing their decision making.
Next time we are going to discuss how to influence the decision making of your prospects.

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