#17 Soon… Unleash the Intellectual Property Rainmaker within You

For a long time, I have been obsessed with the subject of how intellectual property clients choose their intellectual property advisors. Through trial and error in my own business and with my clients, I have found some things that do not work at all and some things that work extremely well when It comes to marketing and selling of intellectual property services.

I have now compressed the accumulated knowledge into a book called “Unleash the Intellectual Property Rainmaker within You.” This is my first, but definitely not the last book, I am going to write on this subject. After ten years I hope to read this book and realize that I knew nothing.
The book is going to be beneficial for any intellectual property professional who is looking to gain more leverage and control over their IP career, and of course more IP clients.
The book will be published next week and for the first few hours after the launch, there is going to be a special offer.

Tai… lähetä meille viesti!

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