#16 Why you should become an IP client yourself?

At the moment, I am in the process of expanding my trademark portfolio, and that means that I have become an intellectual property client.

As a byproduct for expanding my brand protection, I now understand the perspective of how does it feel to be an intellectual property prospect and intellectual property client.
And that is extremely useful perspective to have.
Do you know how does it feel to be your IP client/client prospect? If you do, marketing and sales becomes much easier for you because you will know how your prospects make their decisions on their IP counsel.
There are obviously different types of clients and client prospects. It is not the same thing to sell and market your services to a start-up entrepreneur and to an in-house counsel of a publicly-traded company. But obviously there are universal things that all the clients and client prospects want to have from their IP counsel.
For me the most important thing when making the decision was the client first approach. Too many IP firms talk about themselves and their credentials. As a client prospect, I am interested in whether or not you can solve my problem. When your marketing and sales puts the problem of the client on the number one spot, you will have much more success in client acquisition.
Obviously, it might be hard for you to actually become an IP client yourself. But next time you are a client to a professional service provider, observe your own decision-making process. Do you really care if your doctor has won some awards? Or do you go to your doctor to get your problem fixed?
Ultimately, see how you made the decision and reflect that to your client acquisition process.

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