#34 Turning sales opportunities into client relationships by positioning yourself as the expert

When you are depended on the outcome of your sales call, you become needy. Neediness leads to a situation where the prospect is uncomfortable and you seem desperate. When you are desperate, your prospects will run away. Being independent of the outcome of the sales opportunity is essential. People and companies are innovating all the time. You will always have another opportunity to sell your IP service.

When you are approaching a sales situation from an objective point of view, you have a mindset of a doctor. As the expert, you are there to diagnose, whether you are able to help your client or not. Just like a doctor, you shouldn’t be prescribing medicine before a careful analysis of their situation. If your client has a headache, you wouldn’t tell them to go to physiotherapy. You should only offer your service if it is beneficial for the client.

When you position yourself as the expert, you are there to help your prospect with their problem. On the other hand, when you position yourself as a salesperson, you are there to sell. If you think about the situation from the point of view of your client, who wants to protect their intellectual property assets, it is clear that thy want to talk to the expert.

It is therefore essential to position yourself as the expert in the sales situation.

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