#28 Why are IP experts hesitant of self-promotion and business development? (Part 3)

Third reason for reluctance in IP business development is that business development or professional self-promotion is not taught in most of the curriculums in law or engineering schools.

Would you want to fly an airplane without prior training? Well, maybe those two are not quite comparable. But you get my point.

Superior education system is extremely important for the welfare of any society. This is true for legal and any technological field. Universities are in the forefront driving the progression for the better. However, not everyone is going to be a researcher at the University. At the end of the day, it is only a tiny fraction of the students that are going to pursue the academic career.

The problem is that legal or technological education, at least at the moment, does not prepare you for a job in the field of IP, let alone setting up your own practice. Theory does not equal practice. IP Law firm is like any other business with its different functions.

Grinding long hours with the substance work is usually what makes you successful as a younger associate. As you progress through your IP career, at some point you are expected to bring in more business to justify your position in the firm. If you have your own IP practice, you need to bring in work from day one.

Teaching the fundamental skills of selling, marketing and business development is an area where University education falls short despite of the excellent research that is conducted at the campuses.

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