#26 Why are IP experts hesitant of self-promotion and business development? (Part 1)

As a professional who is trying to educate intellectual property experts on ethical salesmanship, this is the question I often wonder. Why are IP experts so hesitant of self-promotion and business development despite the clear advantages and leverage such skills would entail?

I always preach that you should understand your clients and where they are coming from. That obviously applies to me as well.

Therefore, I am presenting my diagnosis in the following three blog posts.

Reason #1 Traits and skills that make you a good Intellectual Property Expert do not make a you good Business Developer

As an Intellectual Property Expert, you are a professional sceptic. Your job is to control risk and make sure that everything goes according to a plan. The patent or trademark application you are drafting, has to be absolutely perfect before it can be filed at the IPO. Failure is not an option but you have a back-up plan for every possible situation.

When it comes to business development, the story is quite different.

One thing certain in business development is that nothing is certain. There is no perfect formula for landing a client. If you approach twenty potential clients a week with a “decent” approach, you are much better off than an IP Expert who approaches two potential clients with a “perfect” message. One thing is for sure: you will get rejected and you will fail. 

How to manage these two skill sets might sound like a daunting task. Becoming self-aware of this conflict in your paradigm is the first step when you start honing your business development skills as an IP expert.

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