#21 Persuasion principle number two: Commitment and consistency

The second persuasion principle is commitment and consistency*.

Once a person has made a commitment or a choice, it is very hard for them to change the stance or action taken. This is because of the unconscious human desire to appear consistent. We encounter both personal and interpersonal pressure when it comes to our decisions and opinions.
Because of the principle, it is extremely difficult for us to admit if we are wrong, even though we are presented with overwhelming evidence that supports the opposing view. In that case we tend to believe only data that supports our own points of view. This is commonly known as confirmation bias.
In the past some car dealerships, obviously not all, have abused the commitment fallacy with their sales actions.
A sales rep would first sell a car to the customer with a decent discount. Just before signing the deal, the manager of the sales rep would come in and say that there has been a mistake with the pricing and that the actual price is much higher than the customer was willing to pay in the first place. But the customer has already made the commitment in their mind, and to the sales rep, so he or she is very likely to purchase the car even though it is more expensive than they would be normally willing to pay.
This is obviously contradictory to moral principles of ethical salesmanship. However, there is a way of using this principle with integrity when attracting new IP clients.
Small commitments tend to pile up. It is difficult to get your prospect to commit to your IP service right away.
Instead, first you should aim at get them to join your email list. After that they would deepen their commitment and attend to a webinar you are hosting. After the webinar, you should try to get them to schedule a consultation call with you.
Finally, your prospect will make the full commitment of becoming your client at the end of the consultation call.
*Cialdini PhD, Robert B..: Influence: Science and Practice 1984

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