#1 In Search of the Intellectual Property Rainmaker

If we pull out a dictionary and take a look at the word “Rainmaker” we get a following definition:

“If someone has a reputation as a rainmaker at work, it means that he or she has an almost uncanny ability to generate new business, attract clients, gather investments, or otherwise help the company succeed.”
The purpose of this blog is to explore and discuss what makes a Rainmaker in the field of intellectual property law. The content of this blog is therefore heavily concentrated on marketing, sales and personal branding applied to the Intellectual Property context.
I will add a short video commentary to each of the blog posts to address some points I feel relevant.
Many people in the field of IP think that in order to be or become a rainmaker you have to have natural characteristics for extroversion and charisma. The common belief is that rainmaking is just something that “mere mortals” cannot learn. 
Research seems to indicate otherwise and suggest that in fact these “rainmaking” skills are attainable with effort.
Dr.Heidi Gartner from Harvard Law, who has researched the topic of legal profession and rainmaking for several years, has suggested that the skills that Rainmakers possess can definitely be learned. Two of the most contributing factors according to her research has been curiosity and courage. (Gartner: Smart Collaboration: How Professionals and Their Firms Succeed by Breaking Down Silos, 2016)
From the business, sales and marketing point of view both of these characteristics make perfect sense. The more interested you are in the business of your client and client prospect, the more knowledgeable you are of their intellectual property needs and therefore you know what to offer them. Curiosity means also that you are not afraid of asking questions. The more you know about your clients and client prospects, the better you can market and sell your services to them.
On the other hand, you need courage to get out of your shell and actually engage with your IP client prospects and clients in difficult and complex legal and technological topics. For part, marketing and sales is a numbers game. The more you engage, the better chances you have obtaining business.
So let’s be curious and courageous!
Until next time.

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