#7 Let’s Stop Selling Intellectual Property Services and Start Selling Benefits Instead!


#7 Let’s Stop Selling Intellectual Property Services and Start Selling Benefits Instead!

We as humans do not buy goods or services, we buy benefits these goods or services bring to us. People and companies do not want trademarks or patents for the sake of having trademarks or patents.

When I go to a barbershop, I do not buy a haircut for the sake of getting my hair cut. I go to the barbershop to get the benefits that a nice haircut service gives me, namely fresh feeling, confidence and quality conversation with the barber.
Can you see the difference with the following advertisement statements?
“Do you want a haircut? We have the best and most experienced barbers in town. Come down for a haircut!”
“Do you want to feel fresh, confident and have a meaningful conversation? Come down for a haircut!”
The first one offers merely a haircut. The second one offers the benefits of a haircut and is much more effective.
The number one mistake Intellectual professionals make when they are marketing or selling their intellectual property service, is that they sell their IP service as an IP service. They ask their prospects about their intellectual property matters instead of discovering their needs and then showing the benefits of having intellectual property protection.
When you are selling IP service as an IP service to your client prospect that is not really what they want. What they want are the benefits that having intellectual property protection enables. Namely, peace of mind, monetary gains, advantage over their competitors and so on.
Same thing applies if you are competing with other IP firms for a client. They are not buying you or your IP firm. They are buying the benefits you bring to the table. Instead of just telling them about your previous work, tell your prospect what has the work taught you and how that applies to your prospect. If you have a wide connection network in their industry, don’t just tell them that. Explain how your wide connection network benefits them.
So, I advocate that we stop selling Intellectual Property services and start selling benefits instead!

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