#6 Why is targeting of your marketing message more important than ever?

If you do not have the attention of your IP client prospect, you do not have a prospect. It is that simple. But how to get the attention in this information-driven world which is full of noise?

Earlier it was much easier to get the attention as there was lot less advertisements both offline and online. The client prospects have become more skeptical than ever because of the nearly exponential growth of digital marketing. You might think that the best way to get your voice through the noise is to create more noise. However, that is usually just irritating.
Instead of creating extra amount of noise, it is more important to create a message that resonates with your client prospects.
Some of IP professionals go astray by treating every client prospect the same. In this world of distractions and short attention spans, you are not getting the attention of your prospects by shouting the same message at everyone.
Think about it this way. You are on a busy mall and you try to get attention by shouting “Hey all! Look at me! Can I get your attention?”. No one is likely to stop. Some might glance at you but keep going on their way.
Instead if you shouted “Hey! Is there a lawyer here? Any lawyers around?” All the lawyers will stop and give you their attention.
Personalized and tailored marketing message to defined prospect groups is the way to go. Different prospect groups resonate with different marketing message. You shouldn’t market your IP service the same way to a technology start-up as you do to a fashion designer.
It is better to get the full attention of one client prospect than no attention at all.

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