#4 How does online reviews affect to the behavior of your IP client prospect?

Imagine this.

You are on a nice holiday. Sun is shining and birds are chirping at your favorite destination. You are starting to feel hungry. You pull out your mobile phone and start looking for a place to eat nearby. You narrow down your options and you decide to eat some nice pasta for lunch.
On top of the search results you see three pasta restaurants. Instead of deciding the lunch place based on the name of the restaurant, you start going through the reviews.
First restaurant has two five-star reviews.
The second restaurant has twenty-one reviews with the average rating of 4.1 stars.
The final restaurant has four five-star reviews and one one-star review that absolutely trashes the restaurant.
Based on this information only, what would you decide to do? Do you trust online reviews?
According to research, people trust online reviews to a whopping extent. 78 % of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Think about that. The word-of-mouth is going online big time.
What implications does this have on your IP business? It is evident that online reviews are gaining ground and have influence also to the behavior of your IP client prospects. Reputation management is important offline but also online.
But what to do about it?
There are two things you should consider.
First, you should start collecting reviews from your IP clients. Not only they serve as testimonials, but they also communicate the credibility of your IP service to the people interacting with you online.
Secondly, take care of bad customer reviews. If your client feels that they have not received adequate service, they will make sure that they let everyone know. Go to the extra-mile to make up for them and they will change their mind about their review.

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