#3 Win at Your IP Career by Learning How to Influence

If you are an Intellectual Property Expert and you know how to attract IP clients, you will never go out of work. If you are an IP expert who knows how to get a job in the field of IP, you will never go out of work.

Whether you are attracting new IP clients or getting that next dream-job or it all comes down to one thing. Can you influence the decision-making person to say “Yes” to you or to your service?
It is striking how similar the situation actually is when you are applying for a job versus acquiring a new IP client.
If your personal brand is distinctive and your reputation is strong enough, you do not even have to promote yourself as IP clients and headhunters are chasing you to work with them.
Your job applications and resume work as your marketing material; you try to persuade the recipient why they should give you a chance of meeting with you in person.
Finally, the decision usually comes down to the sales call, or job interview, where you try to convince face-to face that your expertise is just what the company needs.
What is the takeaway? Learn how to build your personal brand, learn how to write compelling text and learn the theory of sales and you will never go out of work in the field of IP.

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