#12 Why public speaking is a great way of communicating authority?

Being a successful professional in the field of IP requires excellent communication skills. You are constantly communicating with different types of people. You are on the phone with your clients, emailing to the opponent of your client, negotiating with your colleagues and so on. Being clear and concise with your messaging is obviously always not easy but poor communication might repel a client away from you.

The master discipline of communication is public speaking.
If you want to establish authority over an IP subject, speaking your ideas about that subject in front of a large audience is one of the best ways to do so.
First, when you are doing public speaking, you are not just sharing information, you are also educating your audience. That automatically puts you into a position of an expert in your subject.
Secondly, it is very hard to be perceived as an authority if no one knows about your expertise. Think about it this way.
If you were attending to a networking function or a seminar as a regular attendee, normally you would get a couple new connections and business cards. A couple more people would know your expertise after the event.
On the other hand, if you were a speaker in that event and put on a show, everyone in the event would leave knowing who you are and what is your area of expertise. Also, the people who would be interested in doing business with you would come to you after your speech.
Having a chance at public speaking is nearly always worth taking.

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